Karen Holst

Karen Holst is a product leader with deep expertise in human-centered design strategies, creative problem-solving, and product innovation.

Boiling down her 20 years of experience into disciplines, her work has covered the gamut from business strategy and entrepreneurship to strategic partnerships and marketing communications. Karen loves to create technology with a broader impact.

Karen's work proves she thrives in the unknown. From co-founding a startup to launching new technology within a government agency, her secret sauce is the ability to take complex information, fragmented across disciplines, and make sense of it all.

In the projects and roles she has taken on, the playbook was undefined, but the mission was clear. Karen rolls up her sleeves to get work done "in the weeds" and rises above it to bring teams along, seeing the "big picture." She is a natural observer and dot-connector, bringing together intersectional ideas to make an impact.

DOuglas Ferguson

Douglas Ferguson is an entrepreneur and human-centered technologist with over 20 years of experience. He is Founder and President of Voltage Control, an Austin-based facilitation agency that specializes in helping teams work better together through participatory decision making and design inspired facilitation techniques. He has helped transform teams from U.S. SOCOM, the Air Force, Adobe, Dropbox, Fidelity, Vrbo, Liberty Mutual, Humana, and SAIC.

Douglas is a thought leader and master facilitator of Design Sprints, Innovation Workshops, Team Alignment Workshops, Transformations, Meeting Systems, and Culture Workshops. He is also the author of three books: Beyond the Prototype, How to Remix Anything (co-authored), and Start Within (co-authored).

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"Douglas Ferguson has long been a top design sprint facilitator. In Beyond the Prototype, he delivers a practical guide to what comes after. If you've ever experienced the dreaded "post-sprint slump," this is an absolute must read. It will just completely up your game..”

—Greg Satell, Author of Cascades & Mapping Innovation

"Design Sprints have helped to evangelize design thinking. Douglas' pioneering work and subsequent tips are captured here. It's the perfect guide for the next wave of facilitators and teams looking to harness the power of user-centered prototyping."

 — Jay Melone, Partner, New Haircut

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