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Co-authors Karen and Douglas have spent the last 20 years in the trenches bringing new ideas forward within organizations. They have learned what it takes to launch innovation within a company and has covered the gamut of organizational types from state government agencies and military armed forces to startups and large public corporations.

Reflecting upon these experiences, they noticed that while no one company or organization is like the other, there are common patterns that were almost universal.

Assembled from these observations and insights about innovation and bringing new ideas to life, the Start Within framework provides a way to assess your situation, how it relates to the unique nature of your company, and what tools and actions are appropriate for you to move forward.

Authors, Douglas Ferguson & Karen Holst

Chapter OVerview

0 — Your Big Idea

1The Moment of Truth

2 Assumptions & Mindsets

3Assess Organizational Preparedness

4Getting Organized

5Your Process

6Aligning with Business Objectives

7Getting Buy-In

8Getting Started - Prototypes

9Turning a No Into a Yes

10Building the A-Team

11 What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

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"Douglas Ferguson has long been a top design sprint facilitator. In Beyond the Prototype, he delivers a practical guide to what comes after. If you've ever experienced the dreaded "post-sprint slump," this is an absolute must read. It will just completely up your game..”

—Greg Satell, Author of Cascades & Mapping Innovation

"Design Sprints have helped to evangelize design thinking. Douglas' pioneering work and subsequent tips are captured here. It's the perfect guide for the next wave of facilitators and teams looking to harness the power of user-centered prototyping."

 — Jay Melone, Partner, New Haircut

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